Monthly Archives: April 2011

R and R

Easy day on Tuesday, catching up with work, gave the bike a darn good sort out.
Trying to sort out office today, and now a night bowling with the band.

All of us are basically rubbish, somehow I got 3 strikes in a row and won :)



Hammering along the M3, love this road as it equals home.

It was good to meet Jon and Tom, nice lads and thanks to Tom and Claire for such good hospitality.

First sign for the A303, excellent :)

Bike making on the platform



Back in London at the station, scarlet back together and bike bag packed.

No cycle shoes, mitts or kit.

Can’t get home soon enough. :(


Thieving scum!

All bags piled together, my turn to go get a sarnie… Come back “errr lads, where’s my panniers?”

Gone, swiped, stolen!!!

Rather cross about it all, station security closed for Easter(!) so reported to lost luggage and got a stamped form.

Approx £5-600 of cycling kit gone.

Called insurance, claim form coming out.

Observant bunch…

Righty, insurance form coming out, not impressed, not one bit.
Sums it up for me, should have followed my instincts in the first place.

Johnny’s favourite stores