Monthly Archives: May 2011

Insurance, nonsense and footy!

Well, still waiting on my insurance claim for all the stuff stolen in Lille.

Not having my touring shoes, just my road shoes, has put a dent in the amount of cycling. Can’t really cycle in and out of Bath for work as I need to walk around a bit and the road shoes aren’t exactly great for that. The result is I am spending out on diesel and parking to the tune of £15 a day! (and a side effect of putting on a bit of weight – although that isnt a bad thing and it’ll no doubt shed once I am able to buy the panniers and shoes/kit again.)

As for the nonsense, the insurance wanted receipts for it all!!! I ended up phoning and stating I didnt keep receipts for socks, shorts etc… well not for longer than a month anyhow! So a quote from Live2Ride and some photos of me wearing kit and bike with luggage taken in France will have to suffice. Have to keep the faith though, want to get back out riding as soon as!

Loads to keep me busy with the footy, on the senior side of things some great announcements today with the likes of Cheeso signing for next season, and loads of Youth stuff to get my teeth into next week.

Fingers crossed into new office within 2 weeks… and plenty of space for the bike!

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