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New BB Fitted!

Well the sun shone, and the garden was calling… but Scarlet need the new Ultegra BB fitting.

So out with the workstand, out with the grease and the tools and I set about the task.

I was rather pleased to find it a relatively easy job too, and made sure to give everything a thorough clean whilst I was at it. I also found a very useful video on the web, and it is well worth a watch if you are attempting the removal/service and refit/replacement of a HollowtechII BB.

So, maybe this will prove useful for someone else too… great video!

There goes the Bottom Bracket!

So there I am, pushing to get home from work yesterday and I hear a grating squealing type sound whenever I put force through the pedals…

I free wheel a while, no noise, spin up and the squeal grind starts up again. Oh dear, it would appear after 3 years of use that Scarlet’s Bottom Bracket is shot… poor girl!

Anyhow, I slowed up and nursed the squealing girl home, considering my options as I went:

  1. Take bike to bike shop, get new BB fitted and get the headset bearings done, wheels aligned and a general service
  2. Don’t be such a lazy git and do it myself

So I ended up on option 2, and those good folks at Chain Reaction Cycles are now dispatching my nice new Ultegra Hollowtech II BB!
I have the tool for the job, and reckon it will be a simpler task than when I did Betsy’s which is an older style Square Taper job , so watch this space!

In the mean time Scarlet gets to put her ‘feet up’ at home, whilst Betsy will once again commute.

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