A bike a train and finally Issoire

A day of bike, then train, then more bike and little bit of train as I played catch up.

Some top comedy today, top of the list being an old fella, 80 if he were a day, who sat next to me on a short train ride. The old fella was toothless and kept talking to me solid for 20 minutes.. This despite me looking perplexed and claiming time and again “j’anlglais, je comprehend pas” (spelling worse than my spoken no doubt!)

I rolled into Clermont Ferrand around 7.30 and a quick visit to the information at la gare indicated I could get to Brioude that evening and catch up with the others… Great, thinks I, I haven’t had a text back from them today, but I can see them at the hotel…

Train pulls out and Jamie calls, rooms in Brioude cancelled and they are stopping in Issoire, can I go back?

Well not unless I can get the SNCF driver to chuck the train into reverse!

Anyhow, I got off as soon as I could and pedalled back to issoire, grabbed a Chicken burger or two and have found the Ace hotel…
Only thing is, I am here, the reservations are on the system, amended to include me now, but no sign of the others…

A bit concerned as it is 10.40pm now, so I’ll sit in the lobby and wait.

Anyhow, a couple of pics from the day seem in order…




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