A Couple Of Oldies!

A couple of lovely old dispatch rider bikes form the wars, in amazingly good condition given their age, certainly outliving their original owners… the single speed messenger bikes of their day!

Johnny Jnr looks over a WW1 dispatch messenger bikeFirst up a WW1 dispatch riders bicycle.
I imagine a it was one heck of a local loop though, two circuits of no-mans lad and then back for a mug of tea and a corn beef sarnie!

And yeah I know, the chain’s a bit slack!

Next a Hercules, once in service with the Swiss in both WW1 and WW2!

WW1 and WW2 service Hercules Dispatch Cycle

This was also in fantastic condition given its long service. I guess a few fellas used this between 1914 and 1945!

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