A cracking stage, but no ride for Johnny

Well the day conspired against me, and I was denied my daily ride into the office.
Typically it stayed mild and dry too, doubtless had the weather gods seen me venture forth on two wheels they would have sent rain of biblical proportions.

But never one to let an opportunity slip, I settled on the sofa with my laptop to work, and naturally had to tolerate the Tour on the tele… oh the hardship!
What a great stage again, with Contador setting off up the climbs like a rat up a drain pipe, and the Schlecks with Evans keeping each other in check.
Rounded off by Contador and Sanchez being jumped by Pierre Rolland, a fantastic ride from the young Frenchman to win a fantastic stage.

Cav looked a little relieved to roll in only a few seconds late, and thankfully Rojas and the other sprinters were in the large group with him, so Cav retains a 15 point lead. Paris is going to be lively!

A couple of deliveries turned up today too, a box from Wiggle (complete with complimentary Haribo), and a box from Evans Cycles, completing the replacement of my cycling kit that was stolen.

Unfortunately one wrong item was sent, a Topeak MTX EX trunk bag instead of an MTX EXP (trunk bag with fold out panniers), so that was swiftly sent back and I wait for the correct item to be sent. Has to be said the customer service chap at Evans dealt with it very efficiently, so no hassle. I much prefer to buy kit from my local bike shop though where I can.

So all in all, whilst denied a ride, I did get to enjoy Stage 19 in full and take delivery of more new cycle stuff…

I’ve had worse days ;)

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