A good day!

Today was a good day on three counts.

First up the recent poor weather held off for both legs of the commute, so another 30 odd miles in the dry. This meant my new bib shorts and jersey didn’t get too mucky, just a little sweaty :P
my new jersey
I’m not usually one for team kits, but I did like the semi retro look of the Team Leopard Trek kit, not flashy – maybe even a bit boring! But I needed another top and shorts so a trip to Live2Ride furnished me with a short sleeved Leopard Trek jersey, some nice Endura FS260 bib shorts and another pair of Endura mits. Very pleased with the purchases and very comfy today :)

A few more cyclists out on the roads today too, but still the overcast skies are keeping the numbers down to a handful.

Second good happening of the day… The Schlecks coming back at Contador to cross the line together at the end of stage 17 of the Tour de France. After the disappointing showing from the Schlecks yesterday, it was good to see them get their act together and prevent Contador clawing back any time. Looking forward to Stage 18 tomorrow, big climbs to shake it up for sure!

And finally, the third good thing to happen today… I had an email from the insurance company to settle on my claim for the kit stolen in Lille!!! Hooooooooooooorahhhhhhhh!!!! :D

Now whilst I am going to be approx £200 out of pocket, I have already bought some kit and replaced the bike shoes, and I can now replace the rest. So not perfect, but am relieved that I can get my kit sorted. Especially the Topeak MTX trunk bag which has been much missed and will make the start and end of week commutes a lot more comfortable – no longer the need to use a rucksack :)

So all in all a good day, no doubt life is lining something up just around the corner to redress the balance, but heck, make hay whilst the sun shines!!!

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