A new look…

It’s amazing what boredom can do, and so I decided to redesign the site.

I think it is clearer and easier on the eye, a little more up to date from the previous incarnation, but hopefully not too formal… as anyone who knows me knows I am a scruff :)

No doubt I’ll tweak things over the coming weeks until it starts to feel like ‘home’, and if all else fails I can soon revert to the previous skin in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse.

What a fantastic day in the Tour de France!!! Andy Schleck launching a well planned attack some 60km out, and Contador being dropped (someone fetch that boy a steak! ;) ) It really has set it up for a cracking stage tomorrow, before the individual time trials and the ride into Paris.

Cav docked 20 points for finishing outside the time limit isn’t good, but I am sure he can win on Sunday and claim that Green jersey… it would certainly help my fantasy tour team if he would oblige! :D

Nursing a sore knee I opted to take a longer, flatter route into work, around the hills into Bath rather than up them. This took in a stretch of cycle path… more puddle than path though, and so I zig zagged my way along, never able to get up much pace. In the end I bailed out and got back onto the road, both rider and bike rather wet and mucky.

I made great efforts to dry my kit for the ride home, but need not have bothered. As I set off the skies opened and I got a good soaking anyway :)

Still, could have been worse, I could have been one of the several hundred car drivers who were snarled up in the City traffic. Nothing highlights the amazing invention that is the bicycle to me more, than when I coast past an endless line of internal combustion engines going nowhere fast. Each one occupied by driver getting ever more frustrated.

A friend messaged me earlier, saying “u could be in a dry car, why would anyone want to do that (cycle)”

Simple, I get home just as fast as if I was driving my truck, even over the 15 miles, no stress and feeling alive.

To quote a certain meerkat, “simples”.

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