a slow day…

a slow day, mainly due to being stuck in the morning traffic… the hassles of having to use the truck today and not a bike.
Another hassle is the £9.00 it costs to park in Bath :( chuck on the cost of the diesel and £15.00 to get to and from the office, as opposed to £0 when cycling.
Not only that, but by the time you’ve made it through the traffic, the bike is quicker, even over the 14 miles!!!

No real option today though, with having to collect a fridge for the new office on the way in, along with chairs and other bits… I know it is possible to carry a fridge on a bike, but I am just not as adventurous as this fella!

Still, fridge installed, new water cooler/heater delivered and plugged in (fair play to the delivery guy who discovered he had to lug the cooler and the 20 ltr water bottles up to the 3rd floor!), and even BT delivered the new modem.. happy days! :D

Back to the bike tomorrow :)

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