Adventure fini, fuzzy face gone

With the news that the lads won’t be doing the mountain I think that’s that. C’est la vie.
So one gillette disposable later…


I’m just strolling the mile and a half from the halls (no soap, towels or bed sheets :() to the centre ville to find some tea, and then it’ll be back to the bed of sorts.
I think I will make my way to Montpellier tomorrow, the room is already booked and I guess I can get the money back that I paid up front – no point in paying twice for the same room.
And no point kicking my heels here when I could be by the sea.
As long as I’ve time for a decathlon visit, I can then sup a beer or three and wait to journey home.

Just found a good bike shop, shame it’s closed :)

Anyhow, march on, and as Stu’s mug says,


One Response to Adventure fini, fuzzy face gone

  • Karolyn says:

    Ok according to SNCF (uk) site you can travel from La Bastide St Lau to Montpellier via Nimes (1 change at Nimes)
    Leave La B; 12:44
    Arrive Nimes; 14:39
    Leave Nimes; 14:54
    Arrive Montp; 15:23
    Price quoted £21:50 uk
    TER trains

    Love from your personal trip helper!

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