Afternoon coffee stop

Well we have made it to Fevent, about 30 miles from Amiens.
Body fine, legs good, a good lunch earlier of omelette and frites with lots of Mayo!

Something of an oddity though – the weather is stunning (bit too hot really), the scenery is beautiful, I love riding here, but and it is an odd but, my head isn’t in to it.
I have realised it isn’t France I love, it is being here with my family.
I would swap all this for a beer at Le Chant and a cycle to Super U with Karolyn, Morgan and Laura.

For now I’ll drink my coffee, head to Amiens and eat.

Looking forward to calling home, looking forward to getting home :)

One Response to Afternoon coffee stop

  • richard burden says:

    Well John,
    It was a great pleasure to spend the day with your mother-in-law, wife and lovely children.They arived in Farnham (chez Joan Pearne) for lunch and ‘getting to know’ Mark, Amy, Esme, and Heath. You were missed!

    I quite understand the sentiments of your blog. But your are on a brilliant adventure that will inspire many beside your family. Your August holiday is just where it always was – it’s just that you have crammed something special in between.

    Thanks for what you and your friends are doing; looking forward to shaking your hand one day; and safe journey!

    Best regards,


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