An early Summer…

Wow, what fantastic weather, although a bit mixed up with very cold early mornings and baking hot by home time! (yeah yeah, I know it wont last ;) )

Setting off in the morning with full fingered gloves, skull cap and long sleeves, only to ride home in short sleeves and mitts :) This has led to a couple of “heavy” return commutes, panniers loaded with the excess clothing on top of the usual day wear. But heck, wouldn’t swap this for the rain!

Gradually the pace is getting better for the 16 mile return leg of the commute, so far the quickest has been a few seconds over 56mins, and given the two long climbs I am pretty pleased with that – I’ll soon be back sub 54 mins that I was at last year.

The added daylight is such a bonus now the clocks have gone forward, and it does help with feeling a little safer, although the rear lights are always on for added visibility.

Enjoy the weather, enjoy the riding!

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