An eventful journey…

So, Johnny is back in France and back in France with a bike, well 4 bikes truth be told, Betsy, The good Mrs Johnny’s Trek Navigator, Johnny Jnr’s mini road bike, and now little Miss Johnny’s new BTwin (named Emily apparently!)

A fairly fast and uneventful journey to the Loire was halted suddenly by cars flashing headlights as we came to a brow of a hill on the motorway. We slowed to a halt behind about 20 cars in both lanes, and being very English about things sat patiently wondering how long we would remain in the queue. A few minutes past, and I could make out a handful of characters in high viz standing at the side of the road, and many of the other drivers were now out to have a good gawk at what I presumed to be an accident… I followed suit to see what the fuss was about.

No sooner had I got ot of the car I saw many people running back to their vehicles and engines were heard to start. I returned to mine, and we slowly edged to whatever was causing the blockage…


Now I am not in the same league as Clarkson and the Top Gear mob when it comes to caravan annihilation, and given my time cycling, I can appreciate not being the quickest thing on the road can often cause “hate” from Joe Public in his car, but this did make me smile.

Why? Simply because their are numerous warning signs about max speed limits for lorries and cars towing at the top of this downhill stretch, and warnings of side winds, and yet this particular French driver has thrown caution and his family holiday to the wind. A classic example of speed getting you nowhere fast.

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