Another fantastic day…

Another fantastic morning and another extended commute in, warm, sunny and 20 miles slipped past. 
Already looking forward to retracing the route on the way home :)

With my kit options still limited due to stuff being stolen in Lille, I am making do with one pair of three quarter bibs, one pair of DHB shorts, and a couple of old tops.
Has to be said that the shorts are old and starting to show it, so even though I am still waiting on the insurance claim to come good, I think I am going to have to spend a few £’s on some replacement gear.

Definite requirements are some new bib shorts and a new short sleeved top, but then started thinking that I should get Betsy sorted for when the insurance lets me replace my stolen trunk bag and panniers.

Betsy had a little make over not so long back, Mavic Aksiums, a pair of Tiagra brakes, a 10-25 rear cassette, new chainrings and cranks, and finally a new chain.
Now this set up is fine and dandy, but it must be said, in preperation for when the weather turns that inevitable corner, and I am able to carry stuff on the rack once again, I am thinking that an 11-28 cassette might be in order.

I know, I know, as a cry of “Man Up!” is sent towards me over the t’interweb, but thinking ahead, the 10.8% climb on the way in/out, with wet weather gear on and a loaded pannier… I might like that rear 28t!

Whatever cassette ends up on the back, I think the Continental Ultra Gatorskins will stay put, they’ve been pretty bullet proof up until now…. famous last words ;)

Sounds like a visit to Live2Ride is on the cards, might hassle the insurance company too!


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