Are we nearly there yet?

Many roads have I travelled and much have I seen…
I’ve definitely got more out of the last three days, stopping and nosing around, getting into odd conversations with some nice and some downright bizarre French folk.
But that said, I can’t wait for Monday morning and getting on the TGV to Lille.
A few funny memories to take, jamies slow motion off early on in the trip where gravel on a corner got the better of him, the old toothless fella on the train who kept talking to me despite my best efforts to let him know I hadn’t a clue, Stu telling of the old fella with a stick who got hit in the nether regions by an automatic door and the got his head trapped in the next door by trying to exit via the entrance :)
All top stuff.
Arriving at Le Chant, spending time with Syb and Stu – two people and a place that for me sum up everything that is right in the world.
Bracken, just mad :)

Anyhow, tea in Mende later, and then one more bike ride tomorrow, and it’s a doooosey!!!

Scarlet has had fun, and behaved impeccably, although I have caught more than one chap giving her the eye! Tart!


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  • johnny says:

    It is johnnyonabike with a little johnnyonatrain during the midday sun, gives johnny a chance to sight see for a few minutes :p xxx

  • Karolyn says:

    Is this still Johnny on a bike, or Johnny on a train?!

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