Baby wipes!

OK, an odd title for a post, but I am guessing I can’t be the only cyclist who finds these things indispensable. They will remove pretty much anything from anything. a bike fettlers best friend?

So with the gloom and rain outside, Johnny decided the warmth of the house and a fettling session was in order. Firstly to clean up Scarlet after her weeks commuting duty, and second up to prepare Betsy for the wet weather work that surely lies ahead for this weeks commuting fun.

So out came the work stand (a very understanding Mrs Johnny doesn’t bat an eyelid when it is put up in the lounge), and out came the baby wipes to remove the gunk from the frame, groupset and rims.

Scarlet cleaned up quickly, and had a few drops of chain lube applied, and Betsy soon followed – as I had been a bit slovenly and put her away last week without cleaning!!!

A minor fettlin’ session followed to get Betsy all sorted for the weeks commutes, whilst Cav sprinted to a win in Montpellier on the tele. Cracking stuff and surely he has that Green jersey in the bag now?…

Anyhow, baby wipes… it strikes me thus.

….these things will remove any form of grease and grime from metal effortlessly. With no real effort you soon have a gleaming cassette and gunk free drive train.

So, and here is my musing… how the heck can a cleaning product that is so powerful be safe for use on a baby’s backside, let alone its face?

I am amazed either of my kids still have noses left on their faces! :D


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