Johnny says…

Sun is out… and so are the legs!

Such a gorgeous day today, that I abandoned Betsy and commuted on Scarlet :)

Now on reflection, given that on a Friday I have to transport the weeks clothes home, this switch has been a bit daft – no panniers on Scarlet.

But, with fine weather set for the weekend, perhaps a family cycle into Bath could be on the cards – bonus!

I had clean forgotten how different Scarlet is to the workhouse that is the dependable Betsy, much quicker but also slightly ‘twitchy’ by comparison.

Had a great ride in and really looking forward to getting back out and heading for home – and today will mark the official start of this years cycling tan!

You can’t keep a good man down!

Today is a good day, no I haven’t won the lottery or discovered a miracle cure for the world’s ills…

…but today saw the return to the bike of my cycle commute companion and good friend. The poor fella snapped his achilles tendon last August, and after a long rest and some easy spins on the turbo, this morning he cycled to work.

However much better I feel for cycling in to work as opposed to driving, the enjoyment factor increases massively when you have good company.

So bring it on world…

Close passes… enough already!

OK, rant time!

What is it about bus drivers and close passes? Is it reasonable to pass within 4 to 6 inches of my right shoulder when driving a single or double deck bus? Surely just waiting until we are past the parked cars and able to make use of the full width of the road is the smart move?

10 seconds of thoughtful driving would give everyone a better day!

And where does it get the bus? Well precisely nowhere, as the cyclist will end up passing it when it stops a little further on.

First Bus / First Group, wake up and start advising your drivers to treat all road users with due care and respect. We have already seen one of your drivers get off lightly with a mere 17 month jail term for trying to kill a cyclist.

The roads are for all, bullying and frankly dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour has no place – wise up!

rant over… for now.

Getting ready for the week…

With the return to cycle commuting underway, so comes the return of the Sunday night fettle!

Betsy has been baby wiped, chain cleaned, brakes adjusted and tyres checked, and now is ready for the week ahead.

Really looking forward to the clocks going forward on the 25th March, more light on the return leg.


Cycle Therapy!

Wow, what an couple of weeks!

Just over two weeks ago we had the hammer blow of my dad being diagnosed with bowel cancer, and then 10 days later he suffered a stroke. I don’t think I have ever felt so helpless and down – it felt like my world was being torn apart. Anyway, he is now at home recovering from the stroke, and that is going pretty well, and we had a meeting with the surgical team who explained the cancer was contained, hadn’t spread, and so they would operate as soon as he was fit for surgery.

Now I know this is still a bad situation to be in, but it is the best we could have hoped for and I know the family will unite to support my dad through this.

Naturally when this all kicked off I abandoned the bike in favour of the truck – giving lifts to mum, fetching and carrying etc were not going to fit in with cycling, but as the days went on I returned to the bike and felt the better for it. I found a good place at the hospital to lock Betsy up, and no one seemed to mind too much that I was arriving in cycling apparel. (I had regular clothes in my trunk bag and changed in dad’s room).

I found that even though I was emotionally and physically tired, the cycling gave me space and time out – I took a route through the park from office to hospital and just enjoyed the peace. The cycling definitely helped deal with the stress and give me time to think and rationalise what was going on.

So forget happy pills and therapy, get yourself out on a bike – cycle therapy is the way forward!

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