Close passes… enough already!

OK, rant time!

What is it about bus drivers and close passes? Is it reasonable to pass within 4 to 6 inches of my right shoulder when driving a single or double deck bus? Surely just waiting until we are past the parked cars and able to make use of the full width of the road is the smart move?

10 seconds of thoughtful driving would give everyone a better day!

And where does it get the bus? Well precisely nowhere, as the cyclist will end up passing it when it stops a little further on.

First Bus / First Group, wake up and start advising your drivers to treat all road users with due care and respect. We have already seen one of your drivers get off lightly with a mere 17 month jail term for trying to kill a cyclist.

The roads are for all, bullying and frankly dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour has no place Рwise up!

rant over… for now.

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