Closing the door…

I normally just shrug off bad driving and focus on riding as safely as I can – self preservation if you like.

But on a day when two cyclists have died close to home, it made me think that driver and cyclist education must be taken seriously. I know there are bad drivers, and I accept that some folk on bikes are asking for trouble, but there are plenty of times when my safety is placed on the line due to carelessness on the part of the person in the car/van/lorry.

An example from today…

At first the driver of the Hobbs van goes nicely wide around me as he comes off the roundabout… but it doesnt last and as he shuts the door on me I brake quickly to avoid being knocked off.

So was he careless? Distracted on the way home from work on a Friday? On the phone?

Who knows, but Hobbs of Radstock, your driver of van reg VE08 UKC needs to pay a bit of attention around other road users.


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