I’m Cycling in the Rain…

rain and drizzle, time to get the mudguards on!I guess that is the Summer over and done with then, grey skies full of rain and the temperature has definitely dropped off… (or did it ever get much above this???)

I’m sure that we will get plenty more sunshine before Autumn really takes hold though, but from a cycle commute point of view it has made me think about visibility and staying dry!

First up it is time to get the lights out and the batteries charged, it is certainly a little dark when it is time to leave for work, and this will soon be mirrored for the ride home.

I don’t use traditional front bike lights, having gone through many and various, but have settled on the use of 1 or 2 Cree LED torches, and these are held on to the bars by a couple of Twofish Lockblocks. Simple little holders that make attaching and removing the lights from the bike quick and easy. I love the Cree torches, small, lightweight and waterproof with a massive output. I run one aimed down a few feet in front of the front wheel, the other aimed higher but not so as to dazzle oncoming traffic. It is like having your own tunnel of light to ride through, and cars in junctions 150 yards away will wait thinking it is a motorcycle!

To the rear I use a couple of SMART 1/2 watt LED lights (now updated to 1 watt variants), one of these set to flash. These things are very bright, and certainly get you seen in all conditions. Has to be said they are relatively cheap too, highly recommended!

Next up I will need to sort mudguards. I have used the CRUD Road Racers in the past, these are a great bit of kit for Road bikes, easy to install and they fit so close to the tyre that they don’t detract from the look of the bike. Unfortunately I broke my pair whilst they were stored off the bike, so it is either a case of replacing like for like, (I see them on sale at Wiggle and ChainReactionCycles for £26.99), or I am tempted to try some SKS Raceblades for a change. Ahhhh decisions decisions…

Whatever you chose for riding in the wet and grey, keep dry and be seen. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather for cycling, …just the wrong clothing!


SMART 1 watt LED rear light - very bright!

SMART 1 watt LED rear light

Clip on Raceblades from SKS

SKS Raceblades

CRUD Road Racer mudguards

CRUD Road Racer mudguards

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