Cycle to Work

You know there are days when, quite simply, I just don’t feel like cycling to work. Of course this feeling tends to be a little stronger as we head out of Summer and towards Winter, with the rain, the cold and the dark… and more recently really strong winds too!
Deep down I know that I will feel much better for it, and within a few turns of the pedals I will be glad I got on the bike and not into the truck. Yep, Johnny drives too, a Navara.

Anyhow, initially I had a client meeting this morning, and not having to leave for it until 10 I had been a bit lazy. Well that meeting has now been postponed a week, and so here I am sat in jeans and a t-shirt wondering what to do… Do I get lycra’d up and head out on the hour ride to the office, or do I work a bit from home before heading in by combustion engine?

As I sit here pondering this, I remembered a little comic I saw and thought I would share it… I think it answers my current conundrum nicely.

Cycle To Work Everyday

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