Cycling in the Loire

Family cycling in the Loire
A nice sunny day in the Loire today, and two enjoyable rides!

First up was an early morning ride with Johnny Jnr! We set off for a little 15 mile loop pre breakfast, with the option of a Boulangerie stop at the half way mark… well, a lad needs refuelling doesn’t he? (yeah ok, I admit I fancied a pain au raisin too!).

Well we rode in bright morning sunshine, and his little legs did well, tackling the climbs with ease and keeping a healthy little 15 to 16 mph on the flats.

Unfortunately we ran into rather black heavy skies which decided to unload on us, so we turned tail a mile early and headed back.

It’s an odd feeling riding along next to mini-me, seeing the speed clip 22mph and feeling both proud and terrified in equal measure! (Definitely a case of ‘your mums gonna kill me if you fall off!’).

But no falls, and we returned for a shower, and a rather tastey bacon and egg baguette! Well you have to provide the young cyclist with good energy food, eh? ;)

A little later in the day it was time for a family ride, and a second outing for little Miss Johnny on her new bike.

She has really got to grips with it, and rode confidently on a little trip to the local village some 3.5 miles away. Her reward was an ice cold Oringina in the ‘pub’ as she calls it… I am sure the owner of the bistro would be delighted to be called a pub :)

All in all a nice day with plenty of bike activity, and Johnny Jnr expressed his gratitude for me putting new bar tape on his ride. Quite a simple job to do, and like clean wheels make a car look good, I reckon new bar tape does the same for a bike. An simple job too, and only takes five minutes.

I wonder if Jnr will be up for a 7 O’clock ride in the morning…

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