Cycling in the Sun!

Well isn’t that the way, you spend time getting the bike sorted for wet rides and the coming Autumnal/Winter conditions, then you get up the following morning and are greeted with glorious sunshine! Naturally I am claiming the credit for this lovely weather having bought mudguards and a new rear light! ;)

Betsy the Virtuoso half way along the NCR 24Such a nice morning I decided to take a bit of a long route into work, and in doing so explore the local “National Cycle Route” from Great Elm to Radstock, and then from Radstock into Bath. NCR 24 to give it its title.

The benefits of being your own boss meant I didn’t have to hurry – it’s only my conscience and me , and instead took time to enjoy the scenery along the way.

I like the Great Elm to Radstock stretch, a good ride with the kids, and always makes me remember my Grandad who was a steam engine driver and often puffed his way up and down the lines that run alongside this cycle path.

I imagine him stood on the footplate, admiring the scenery, and can see why he loved his job so much.

National Cycle Route 24The route from Radstock to Wellow is a mixture of path and road, and it does have a couple of nice little climbs, but you hardly see any traffic and you ride past cows, sheep and farmyards until you get to Monkton Combe and join the canal path into Bath.

All in all a really nice 24 mile route to work, and one I shall definitely do again when the sun shines and I am not in a hurry. (Naturally riding on the shared use paths you can’t get up much speed, and there is a fair amount of stop starting around pedestrians and dogs).

Now, which way to ride home later?

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