errrrr well, what can one say?

Sat in a 3 bed dorm on my own, here in Mende.
The sting taken out of the journey byy midday scenic train ride saw me into Mende in good time for a shower and to head out for food – I am starvin’ marvin!!!

The other chaps are approx 50km north and knackered…. Who’d have thunk it.
So they plan to ride to Mende in the morning, and then take the n106 towards Montpellier, looking to make an overnight stop in Alzon I think they said, before finally arriving into Montpellier a day late on Sunday.

So no ‘over the mountain’ ride for them.

I need to decide what I will do, since I wanted to get the bike bag from decathlon to bring Scarlet home in, and they are shut on Sunday… So I either wait around Mende in the morning and join them when they arrive, or I get up early and get myself to Montpellier, buy the bag and use the room booked… Providing it hasn’t been cancelled.

Funny old game, innit!!!

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