Evans, the conclusion…

Well after the failure of Evans to deliver the Topeak trunk bag as ordered, I spoke to them this morning and put it that I had given them £120 in two transactions, and all they had done was ship the same wrong product twice.
The lad on the phone was apologetic and I am led to believe a full refund is being sent to my card, fingers crossed. He couldn’t guarantee if he dispatched another one to me that it would arrive in time, so I just told them to arrange a courier to collect the bag I have here.
Again he apologised and told me to just keep the bag, a very nice gesture, although for me not a great solution as i need the side panniers of the MTX EXP.

So well done for trying to Evans Cycles, I look forward to my refund, and who knows, someday I might get use out of the free bag. I have bought from Evans in the past, and I am sure I will again in the future, just sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Anyhow, that left me to source the bag locally, and whilst my regular bike shop couldn’t get one in time, Halfords had them on the shelf, so I reserved on line and collected on my way back from work.
Nice lad in the store, very helpful, even noted it was £5 cheaper in store than the advertised price and made sure to knock the price down at the till.
So after all the kerfuffle, I once again have a Topeak MTX EXP trunk bag, and have now fully replaced all the kit that had been stolen. Happy Days!

Whilst I was in Halfords, I did take the opportunity to give the Boardman road bikes a good look over. Has to be said that they look very nice machines, and like the Carrera Virtuoso, they seem to offer a good standard of kit for the money.

I know that sometimes the cycling community looks down at Halfords, it isn’t a traditional cycle store, and OK, I wouldn’t be heading there for a service, but for convenience and price on accessories it is good. The Boardmans look great, and I know the Carrera Virtuoso is great value for money, so not all bad, eh?

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