Ex-British Cycling head of medicine doubts Freeman’s testosterone claim

Former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman outside the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester

Dr Richard Freeman denies ordering testosterone with the knowledge it would be used to enhance athletic performance

British Cycling’s former head of medicine has cast doubt on Dr Richard Freeman’s claims that testosterone was delivered to its headquarters on behalf of Shane Sutton.

Dr Steve Peters told Freeman’s medical tribunal that if 30 sachets of Testogel were ordered for Sutton in 2011, he would have known about it.

Ex-British Cycling technical director Sutton has denied it was for him.

Dr Freeman has claimed it was to treat Sutton’s alleged erectile dysfunction.

At the hearing on Thursday, Dr Peters spoke of Sutton boasting about the number of partners he had and how testosterone could help his sexual performance, but he said the drug was more likely to be for Dr Freeman.

“It feels like I’m being asked being to solve the crime,” Dr Peters said.

“I have a man who’s lied to me, another man who is untrustworthy. It’s much more likely [Freeman] has used this for himself and there are reasons for that, which I don’t want to go into.

“Freeman has tried to cover his tracks and it’s backfired.

“Shane would have confided in me. He is very open. He came to me many times discussing his private life.”

Former British Cycling and Team Sky medic Freeman is appearing at an independent medical practitioners tribunal to determine his fitness to practise medicine, having been charged with ordering testosterone knowing or believing it was to enhance an athlete’s performance.

He denies that claim, but has admitted to 18 of 22 charges against him, including lying to UK Anti-Doping and asking supplier Fit4Sport to falsely claim the Testogel had been sent in error.

His lawyer Mary O’Rourke QC said he was “not fit to attend” on Thursday or Friday after a confrontational day at the tribunal on Tuesday.

She said he had “an adverse reaction” after he was called “spineless” by former colleague Sutton.

Australian Sutton did not return to give evidence on Thursday, having angrily left the hearing on Tuesday after repeatedly denying claims by O’Rourke that he is “a liar, a doper and a bully”.

Sutton was not compelled to give evidence and was appearing voluntarily as a witness for the General Medical Council (GMC) at the hearing.

Dr Peters, who was at British Cycling until 2014 and was Freeman’s boss, also doubted the GMC’s claim that testosterone would be ordered to the National Cycling Centre if it was to be used for doping.

Article source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cycling/50425248

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