First Youth Bike Race Day

Ready to Race #107Yesterday my lad had his first taste of a youth bike race day, and despite being nervous, he loved it.

Due to his age, he was in the mixed u14/u16 race – bit tough when you are only a small 12 year old. I’m not sure who was more worried, him or me, as his fellow competitors towered over him and sported some exotic carbon.

I’m not one to be pushy though, and I just repeated to him to have fun, do his best and enjoy. This he did.

He got dropped early on as they set off at a high initial pace, but he stuck to it and the gap was held throughout the 20 mins plus 1 lap race.

At the end he was still only about 60 yds off the back, and I was dead chuffed for him and proud as anything.

Does he want to go again next week? You bet he does, great stuff :)

So it would seem that I am destined to spend my Tuesday evenings at the new Odd Down race circuit in Bath, carrying bottles of water and snacks, as he gets to grips with cycling as a competitive sport – no doubt leading to him dropping me on the weekend rides as he develops more speed and stamina.

Will it ever take over from his love of football… not sure about that, as his first comments at the end of the race were getting rested up for football training on Thursday :D

crossing the finish lineCrossing his first finish line of many, I’m sure.

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