France again…

Oh the hardship, how will I ever cope???…

Yup, getting set to head back to France, this time to the Loire. There will be lots of cycling, general chilling out, and plenty of good times I am sure.

It’ll be fantastic to spend time at Le Chant and see good friends once again. Doubtless the odd bottle will be shared of an evening too.

The local roads are perfect for cycling, not too much by way of traffic, and what there is gives you all the space in the world, so whether out on my own for an early morning blast, or taking the kids on a loop, it just feels safe. I can’t help but think it would make the perfect setting for a cycle club trip… (one to work on perhaps)

The Virtuoso is making the journey over, by virtue that is has a rack and trunk bag/panniers – this proves most useful for popping to the local shop in search of supplies – be that pastries or liquids! ;)

So a job for today, get the roof rack and cycle carriers fitted in readiness, fill up the fuel tank, and remember to get some Euros!

Has my French improved since last year, or will I be trying to confuse more natives… c’est possible ;)


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