Getting back out there…

Well the cold was cold and it did stop me riding.. well aside from indoors on the turbo. :)

Has to be said that my riding has taken a real back seat of late, a mixture of weather, work, family and football! (not that I play any more these days, but coaching and managing takes up a fair amount of time – that said, top of the league is a good place to be).

I took the decision to get back in the saddle a fortnight back, and did a few part commutes to get my legs going again – this involves using a park and ride some 5 or 6 miles from the office and cycling the rest. With a few of those under my belt I did take on the whole 34 mile round trip commute once, and must admit it wore me out! Where has my stamina gone? Send out the search party!!!

I admit I cycled a very hilly route, adding in as many climbs as I could, so maybe it isnt a total shock that it half did me in. Still, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger… or so many a corpse has uttered!

So far I have only been riding the ever ready and ever reliable  Betsy, and she hasn’t let me down in anyway. Can’t believe what a great value machine this bike has been, and look forward to many more thousands of miles in the future on her.

Anyhow, hoping the weather keeps improving and the miles get easier… Isle of Wight Randonnee is not far off, and the ride to and from Lymington for the Ferry will be their own test!

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