Good morning ride…

The sun shone brightly as two of us set off for the 14 mile commute to Bath, a ride via country roads avoiding the A36.

The joy of heading down past queues of vehicles as I made my way to the new office, I must have passed at least half a mile of cars all stuck in the morning traffic.

It has to be said the wash room facilities in our office are limited – in fact a small sink, a water heater that is as much use as chocolate teapot and just enough room to swing an average sized field mouse (providing it hasn’t had a good meal!)… but armed with a towel, flannel and wash gel, it is amazing what can be achieved if you put your mind to it – and until such time as someone creates an inflatable portable shower unit, it is going to have to do.

Anyhow, Scarlet enjoyed the commute, eased up Midford Hill, and now has taken up what will be her usual place, the landing of the 3rd floor.

The plan had been to head back via the canal later, but since it is now raining, and raining hard, that plan will need to change. Either that or it is going to be a particularly muddy Johnny who returns home…

Well, on with the day, lots to be done, whiteboards to be hung, a kettle to be sourced, and plans for World Wide domination to be put into full effect! Go Johnny Go Go Go!!!

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