Good riding from Johnny Jnr!

A great sunny day in the Loire and me and jnr went for a spin through the countryside.

Johnny Jnr out for a spinHis riding is coming along nicely, and he managed a 25 mile loop with ease, setting himself a new top speed of 26.6 mph on a slight downhill, and was maintaining a healthy 16-18 mph on the flat.

He loves a good hill too, and digs deep to keep a reasonable pace as he climbs. That said there are some rather more testing hills back home, so we will see how he climbs those now.

He loves his Decathlon bike, and the locals here take great interest in this little man on the racing bike as he pedals his way through their villages.

On a stop for a drink, one local made his day by suggesting he might be a future champion at le Tour :)

Good times, but soon time to pack up the kit and head for home.


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