Goodnight Montpellier

Well, 00.15, just 5 hours until get up, get dressed and haul Scarlet and my bags to the tgv at la gare.

Just in from finally getting some food, gonna suffer tomorrow, not sure why I break from looking after me to running with the herd, especially when I know it leads to discomfort.
Ho hum, anyhow, home today!!!!! Been waiting an age for this day :)

The chaps are out for beers, that would have finished me off and sleep makes the morning come sooner.
All my stuff is packed and ready.

The little idiot at the reception of this dump has a severe Napoleon complex, probably due to the lads and him not seeing eye to eye when they got here – they were tired and he was on the receiving end a little.
Anyhow, nice as pie to me yesterday, but tonight wouldnt give me change so I could get water from the vending machine.

His solution, for me to go out and find a shop… I declined and thanked him all the same.

Ok, alarm set… Get me home!

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