It all started with…

…a broken leg!

Well strictly speaking that isnt 100% accurate… it all started with 3 broken legs! Yep that feels more honest :)

After too many broken bones on the football pitch, it was finally time to face the facts that

  • I wouldn’t be getting a call from Anfield asking me to step into the midfield and sort it out
  • I would never run a marathon – not that I ever wanted to do so, but at least before I had the choice!
  • Any more football related injuries would result in Mrs Johnny making a broken bone the least of my troubles
  • and, let’s be honest, I was past it anyway :( (stop nodding in agreement people!)
  • So, after a rather painful 18 months rehab and countless hours in the gym, I decided I could save money and build my legs back up by getting on my bike!

    And that, that simple money saving thought (ha, money saving and cycling, there are two things that don’t go together!), was the beginning of a money pit Johnny on a Bike!

    So why this site… well simply put I was off to cycle from London to Montpellier, and I wanted a way to stay in touch with the folks back home, something that I could use to show them where I was, what I was doing and more importantly, that I was still alive :)

    I enjoyed using the site, and a few odd balls enjoyed reading it (the mind boggles!) so I decided, after a little time out, to continue.

    There’ll be some bike stuff, some life stuff, and some, well, just general stuff!!!

    So lycra on, saddle up, and here we go!

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