Isle of Wight – a mini tour

not sure it counts as a tour really, but a week Saturday sees the yearly trip to the Isle of Wight.

A great little ride, leaving home and cycling to Lymington for the ferry on day 1, with a good meal out and stay at a lovely B&B in Yarmouth that evening.

Up nice and early for breakfast on Sunday morning, and then the main event, the fantastic Isle of Wight Randonee – think this is the third or fourth one I’ve ridden. No doubt it’ll be windy, rainy and grey, but it is great fun – even the south coast hills!

I’ve had the odd misfortune on the Randonee, one year coming off the night before the ride and ending up in A&E in Newport (Isle of Wight) with smashed in face (still handsome ;)) – still completed the ride the next day despite the concussion.

Then two years ago discovering – after a shower on arrival at the B&B, that I had forgotten to put any trousers in my panniers! Our fantastic hosts at the Windrush B&B furnished me with a pair and I was at least able to go out for some food :)

The mileage is good for three pleasant rides, being approximately 70 miles  day, so time to start praying to the sun gods to return us to the “drought” conditions, else I am going to consider the trip by kayak or ark!

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