It’s been a while…

In fact it has been a month.

I’d like to say that in that month the insurance came through, I replaced the stolen kit and have been happily racking up the miles… I’d like to say it, but I can’t.

The insurance has been a headache, but seems to now be progressing as I have been asked to put approx ages on the stolen kit so they can allow for wear and tear – since most of the kit was new or under a year, I am not entirely happy about it, but I guess this is how the game goes.

On a happier note, we’ve moved into our new offices and there is plenty of space for my bike :) So I have the opportunity to rack up 40 or so miles a day commuting into Bath and back again through fantastic Somerset countryside, or even heading across to Wiltshire and making use of the canal path from Bradford on Avon if the mood takes me.

What better way to start the day, and, given the nice weather, a great ride to look forward to at the end of the working day!

Whilst on the subject of the commute, sounds like a good friend is going to join me a couple of times a week, so that makes it even better :)

Of course, along with many others I am enjoying the Tour de France, especially given the unfortunate start that Contador has suffered. I make no bones about disliking him – not just because of his love of a nice bit of “steak” and the delay in CAS sorting out the ban for doping or not, but mainly due to the way he took advantage of Andy Schlecks mechanical in the 2010 tour.

I know he claims he attacked pre the chain coming off, but come on Bertie, you were a few yards back and it was obvious there was a problem.

Any way, what goes around comes around, and this year Contador is suffering misfortunes whilst Schleck is benefiting. In the same way I hope to soon get the insurance sorted, and can only presume the universal law of fair play has led to the swine who pinched my kit in Lille having suffered some misfortune in equal measure to that he inflicted on me.

It’s karma dude


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