Johnny off a bike!

What can you say about the bravery shown by Johnny Hoogerland following his flip onto a barbed wire fence?

After the TV car had caused mayhem, sending Hoogerland flying into the wire, and Juan Antonio Flecha crashing to the ground, I am amazed either man got back up and finished the stage. To do so, and then to conduct themselves with such dignity is simply amazing.

What was the car driver thinking? What an absolutely stupid bit of driving.
Surely the tour organisers have to have a very close look at the number of vehicles allowed in amongst the riders. Yes we all want to see the action up close and personal, but surely not at the cost of putting the riders in peril.
As the crashes have shown, the speed the riders are moving at carries its own dangers, let alone dealing with the type of daft driving on display by the French TV car!

The one place you would think a rider would be safe from cars is on a Tour stage!

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