Johnny’s Bike Maintenance

We ride bikes, we get bikes dirty, and thus we need a bit of “housekeeping” to keep the wheels spinning free!

There’s the routine maintenance, such as keeping the drive train clean, or checking the tyre pressure, and then there’s the less routine such as adjusting cables, replacing worn parts or greasing wheel bearings.

I think the key thing to remember with this is that the bicycle is essentially a simple machine – hence its amazing success, a few simple tools make cycle maintenance easy!and that it doesn’t cost much in time or money to keep your ride in good order. I reckon that routine maintenance means my bikes are always ready when needed, and saves on big problems/bills too!

No matter which bike, my road bikes, mountain bikes, the kids bikes, or Mrs Johnny’s, I do the same things to keep them in good order.

I picked up most of my methods from others or just applying a bit of common sense, I am sure there are a load of guys out there with better ways, but this all works fine and dandy for me :)

I’ll add to this over the next few days, so whilst in no particular order, I’ll start with the routine stuff first…

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