Life, eh?!

Well time has been thin on the ground over the last little while, and life and work have conspired to remove the opportunity for blog updates.

On the plus side, work goes well with the new company doing well. Zonkey is now over a year old and growing up fast!

“What is a Zonkey?” I hear you ask… ahem… well it’s the result of a Donkey and a Zebra getting jiggy! Unfortunately this is a rare animal, and there are no known Zonkeys in the UK. There are a few in the States and the odd one or two in Africa.

Our offices in Bath are still in desperate need of some Christmas decorations, but all in good time :)

The commutes are half and half bike/car at the moment, dark and wet conditions on 60mph roads make me a little careful as to when I ride the 32 mile round trip that is my cycle commute. If you are riding all the time, hats off to you, light up well, be seen, be safe!

Must say when I am riding I am using Betsy, the RaceBlades, Smart rear lights and Fenix torch front lights are superb. And I am amazed at the amount I can carry in the Topeak trunk bag.

Anyhow, duty calls, but note to self… post more updates! :)

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