Man Down!

No, I haven’t had a crash, but my cycle commute buddy wont be riding for a few weeks :(

Currently he is waiting for an operation later today at the local hospital – to repair a ruptured achilles!

Carrera Virtuoso "Betsy" with SKS Race Blade Fitted
He’d just arrived in Rhodes for the family holiday, went to have a kick about with his lad and bang! Man Down! Not good at all, and sounds like it is going to keep him off the bike for the best part of 10 weeks, and I guess longer before he is happy to do the 30 to 40 mile round trip that is our commute – especially given the hilly nature of the area.

It’s so much nicer to get up and ride in with someone, going to have to motivate myself a little more in the mornings for the foreseeable.

On the plus side, my new SKS Race Blade mudguards arrived yesterday, as did my new SMART rear light (Lunar R2).

Mrs Johnny was, once again, understanding as I put Betsy up on my workstand in the front room and gave her a good clean with baby wipes before I fitted the race blades.

I must say on first impressions I am very pleased with the SKS Race Blades, they seem very sturdy and were simple to fit and adjust. I like the method they attach by (rubber strips), and this will make taking them on and off very quick indeed. Also a nice touch to include some frame/fork protector patches to prevent scratching, and Carrera Virtuoso "Betsy" with SKS Race Blade Fittedadapters to fit them to bladed forks too.

I don’t see these breaking as easily as my Crud Road Race mudguards did, and whilst they don’t cover as much of the wheel as the Cruds, I can see they will protect both rider and frame from much of what gets thrown up.

The Carbon effect is great, and they suit the Virtuoso a treat.

I can’t comment much on the Lunar R2 yet, but I’ll put some batteries in this evening and then see just how bright it is.

Betsy is still on the stand as I type, following last nights commute home I seem to have a rear wheel out of true – I know I hit a pot hole or three, so her rear wheel is in at my local bike shop for truing. The perils of being a commuter bike!
No doubt she’ll be glad to have her rear wheel back, and Mrs Johnny will be relieved too – so that the bike stand is packed away and the lounge is once again bike free! ;)

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