Montpellier is …

A bit full on for a country lad!

The hostel is basic… In the same way that Fletch’s cell in Porridge is basic… Although Fletch did have a table so he wins.
In order to get past reception I had to buy a membership to the French youth hostel association, and promise to be out of the room by 10 in the morning, and not to be in the building between 12 and 3pm. Oh, and the doors are locked at 4am!!!

Anyhow, a shower and a change and I have hit the town! Or more like wandered aimlessly looking for the one cafe/bar that will get my custom this evening.

I have gone for Bar Le Yams! And now sit with a carafe d’eau, bread, assiette jambon and a quarter litre of some cheap red :)

More later…




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