New Bar Tape!

New bar tape on Scarlet

After several thousand miles, the bar tape on both my Virtuoso and my Trek was looking a little shabby and in need of replacement.
(This prompted largely by looking at how nice Johnny Jnrs bars looked after I had re-wrapped them whilst in France.)

A quick trip to my local bike shop and I had black tape for Betsy and white for Scarlet. (Betsy does pretty much all the wet weather riding, so no point in white tape that would get trashed in a week!)

It is a relatively easy task, and within 20 mins both bikes were done and looking a 100% better with their newly wrapped bars.

An easy job, and one covered in lots of videos on the web, but my thoughts on it here

It has to be said, that new clean bar tape can make a bike look fantastic, and I shan’t leave it quite so long in the future.


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