New bike bits ordered!

Clip on Raceblades from SKSFurther to my post about getting the bike ready for commuting into the winter (prompted by the current damp weather), I took to a bit of on line retail therapy!

So a good hunt around for which mudguards and I ended up at Wiggle for some SKS Race Blades in carbon finish (naturally the carbon effect makes the bike go lots faster ;) ).

I was torn between the Race Blades and the Crud Road Racers, but I have owned the Road Racers before and life gets boring if you only go with what you know.

I also went through my lights, and whilst the two Cree LED torches are fine and dandy, and the Twofish Lockblocks that fasten them to the bikes are in good order, one of my Smart 1/2 watt rear lights has broken :( Not through poor manufacture or poor materials, nope, it has met its end due do me breaking the rear of the casing.

SMART 1 watt LED rear light - very bright!Ho hum, it had served 2 years, so good value. Anyhow, not to miss an opportunity to upgrade, I went for another Smart R2 rear light, this time from ChainReactionCycles, who are doing the R2 for £17.99 including delivery! I do love a bargain, and I am looking forward to receiving this rear light – instead of the single 1/2 watt LED from my previous version, this has two 1/2 watt LEDs! It is gonna be one heck of a bright light! With my other remaining 1/2 watt original, I reckon I will be lit up like a Christmas tree!!!

I don’t tend to bother too much with waterproofs, given that skin itself is waterproof and a darn sight easier to dry than most garments, but I will be looking for a new jacket soon, that quest for a jacket that is both waterproof and breathable! Does such a thing exist?…


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