Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Grim, grey, cold, drizzle, misty…

That just about sums it up, but my early start out has got me to Bastide St Laut… Just in time too as it is now chucking it down!

Rain jacket off, fleece on and a spot of rail next up with a train trip to Nimes.
That should leave me a 30 mile ride to Decathlon on the outskirts of Montpellier and then onto find the hostel in Montpellier itself.

To be honest, with the weather as it is, I am glad I opted for this rather than trying to get over the big mountain – it would be blooming grim up there!

All things being equal I should get to
Montpellier around tea time, complete with sac pour mon velo!

My list of places to avoid when hungry has grown, with this entry from Le Bastide…


Buffet in poor shape and no chance of a cab either! :)

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