Paralympian Cundy’s ‘lucky’ escape

Jody CundyCundy said he was pushed into a verge by a car pulling left while indicating right

Paralympic bronze medal-winning cyclist Jody Cundy has spoken of his “lucky” escape following a collision with a car while training in Majorca.

Cundy, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, suffered minor injuries, including cuts to his knee and elbow, in the crash near Santa Maria Del Cami.

He said: “It is almost part and parcel of being a professional cyclist.”

In November Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins was hospitalised after being knocked off his bike.

‘In one piece’

Cundy said he was following a car which slowed and indicated it was turning right, so he decided it was safe to overtake.

“However as I began my overtaking the car pulled to the left instead, which left me with nowhere to go and I ended up punted off the road and into the verge on the side,” he added.

“Thankfully I am in one piece and the bike survived mostly intact.

“I was quite lucky yesterday to walk away with only a few cuts and bruises.”

Cundy, who won a bronze medal in the 4km pursuit race at London 2012, will remain on the island until the end of his training camp on Friday.

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