Seeing the sites…

Well I left the hotel when the maids came to clean, and headed to Versailles. Had a ride around the palace and other buildings, and then headed out along long straight roads towards Paris.

One heck of a hill up out of Versailles adding to my belief that France is mainly an uphill country :)

Head not feeling too bad now, a bit woolly (i know it’s hard to tell the difference).

Had a ride around Paris, or at least the South of the City, looked at the Eiffel tower from a far, looks better at distance than close up I think.

Anyhow, onto the Gare, and a ticket to take me across to Saumur to do a little visiting :)

Plan to head South from there and meet up with everyone in Brioude this Thursday night.

So not a total rest day, 50 miles or so, but lots of time in the shade :)



2 Responses to Seeing the sites…

  • johnny says:

    I’ll get there mate, just via a slightly different route, and after a brief stop in my personal heaven :)

  • Phil says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had a setback mate, but well done for venturing forth and catching up – best of luck going forward…

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