SMIDSY – The Solution!

SMIDSY – or Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You, those times when the car driver fails to look and nearly or, unfortunately, actually hits a cyclist.

Well as cyclists we are vulnerable, I mean a metal vehicle weighing nigh on a ton or more versus skin and bone on a bike… not hard to work out who is going to come off worse when the driver doesn’t take enough care is it.

So, the solution… Well on a little trip to the Tank Museum in Saumur, I spotted this beauty and reckon it is the perfect answer to the cyclists vulnerability, and the best way to make a driver take note!

the ultimate protection against the SMIDSY

With it’s 160mm thick armour, let alone the rather impressive gun barrel, I reckon this is the answer to SMIDSY!

OK I know it isn’t fuel efficient, and there is no NCAP rating, and neither to Halfords seem to sell bike racks for it, but I reckon it would get us noticed ;)


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