So, Trappe, just outside Versailles

After a hot hot day, dang that was hot, we arrived into Trappes.

First stop was KFC for something to eat, vive Le Krunchy! (it’s like a small 99p chicken sandwich but costs £2)

We then headed the last 5 miles to the hotel.
A quick shower and change for tea, but we found out there are no places to eat around here. Thankfully the chap from the hotel desk had pizza menus and called for us.

Want to see a 20 euro pizza?



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  • johnny says:

    Still sat up waiting for the pizza to digest, head banging away due to the sun and heat today. Have to see what a bit of sleep does for me.
    Worst case is a 20 mile ride into Paris for a bit of sight seeing and a train to Blois.
    We shall see…

    Or a train to Saumur and then go visiting ;)

  • Karolyn says:

    Mmmmmm pizza!
    There’s an amazing moon above Frome tonight, really bright and glowing.
    Thinking of you under the same night sky!
    Love K xxxx

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