Spot the Difference!.. Good ‘evans?

Topeak MTX EXTopeak MTX EXP

OK, can you see the difference here?
You got it in one, the left hand image is a Topeak MTX EX trunk bag, and the right hand image is a Topeak MTX EXP trunk bag with panniers.

Now here is where Johnny has a little rant… no, don’t run, bear with me here…

I ordered a Topeak MTX EXP from the good folks at Evans cycles, you know, the ones who have been fitting people to bikes for 90 years!
I was delighted when within 48 hours a box arrived from Evans, so far so good.
However, I was to be let down, as depsite the enclosed Invoice stating what I had ordered, the MTX EXP, I had been sent a MTX EX. And when you need a P, you need a P!

So, one quick phone call, and I repacked and took the EX to the post office to go back for a credit, whilst Evans sent me out an EXP and took another £60 from my account. Problem sorted, eh?

Well today I got back from work to find a box waiting for me, “great” I thought, “no more carrying a rucksack!”

Can you guess what was in the box? Can you? can you? Yep, you guessed it….

AN MTX-EX!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

To err is human, to repeat it is plain dumb!

Another call to Evans after sales who said it was too late in the day to organise anything, but they have promised the chap who took the original call will call me in the morning.

So, here I sit, £120 down so far, and looking forward to speaking to a muppet in the morning.

ok, rant over, peace and love all… ‘evans ‘elp us!

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