The latest ride in the stable…

Emily the Btwin NatureNo, it isnt some fancy carbon machine, not even a titanium tourer… the latest addition to the Johnny household comes in the form of “Emily”, little Miss Johnny’s new cycle.

This is a great little bike in my opinion. It doesn’t suffer from the added weight of budget and totally unnecessary shock forks, it is just a great little frame, sensible gearing and efficient brakes.

Available in black, a groovey pattern or this “nature” cream and pink colouring, it didn’t take a genius to guess which variety a young girl would opt for.

Well assembled by the local Decathlon in Saumur, all I had to do was swap over the cables for front and back brakes (the French have them on opposite sides to us), set the saddle and bar height, and inspire the rider to have a little confidence in her abilities!

Several rides around the field followed, and then out onto the local roads for a 40 minute trundle. There can be few places that offer better riding with hardly a car in sight and long flat surfaces.

Happy to report that both rider and ride are doing well and looking forward to a great many future miles together.

Perhaps one day soon, the bulk of stores will realise that little girls dont want/need suspension forks that don’t work, and we might see some good value sensible bikes available on the high street in the UK. In the mean while, well done Decathlon, a great bike at a reasonable price.


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