Montpellier or Bust!

… or what to do when one turns 40!

You know how it is, you stand there on a warm evening, beer in hand, and agree that a bike ride to the South of France would be fun. 100 miles a day kind of thing.

Next thing you know it is April and you are heading to London to set off on your bike for Dover , and then onwards to Montpellier.

I can’t say it was all plain sailing, and you learn a few life lessons on the way. You learn about yourself, and you certainly learn about the strangers you set off with. We are all different and that makes life interesting, but I think fair to say that if you are going to spend that much time with people, make sure you click first!

As a rough guide, this was the proposed route and schedule…

  • London to Dover and over to Calais
  • Calais to Amiens
  • Amiens to Versaille (Paris)
  • Paris to Blois
  • Blois to Montluçon
  • Montluçon to Brioude
  • Brioude to Mende
  • and finally

  • Mende to Montpellier!
  • So that’s 8 days and a fair few climbs….gulp!

    To find out how it went, read the blog, espcially from April 2011 :)

    But suffice to say I made it back, minus my luggage, having confused as many natives as possible with my Michel Thomas fuelled Franglaise! :)

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